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I have this issue when connecting my MacBook Pro Late 2010 on my Samsung TV Monitor via HDMI there is no sound coming out only picture. Alternativly when I'm using my dualboot Windows 7 installed on the same machine the sound works as it should via HDMI on my TV monitor. I have try everything and i've come to the conclusion that it's a built-in option that is not available in this version of the MacBook Pro Late 2010 (7,1) Is there a way to fix this issue without needing to buy additional hardware?

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Using "Audio MIDI" in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder, under the Window menu, select "Show Audio Window".

This will give you a list of input and output devices.

I have HDMI -- 0 in/2 out listed on the left, in addition to Built-in Input and Built-in Output. There may be other I/O devices listed, depending on your configuration. To the right of the device names, ought to be 3 icons: a Mac face (for system sounds), a speaker icon (for main sounds) and a microphone icon (for input). These icons will be placed beside the audio device to which they're currently assigned; my guess would be the 'Built-in' devices.

Select HDMI then right-click. A menu should then appear giving you the options to use this device for sound output and play alerts and sound effects through this device. Select the options options you wish, and test. See the utility's help file for further information.

Update: I learned the Macbook in question has a mini DisplayPort connection. I then found a link to a Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI w/ Audio on the Apple Store which specifically says it works with the mid-2010 13" Macbook Pros.

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Ok Nevin this is the first thing I did ofc!In my I/O devices HDMI is not(never) listed also i can't install it.This issue is more complex than it seems... – Denja Apr 19 '13 at 21:58
I've noticed in the documentation on our new Philips LCD that the 3 HDMI inputs are not equivalent, and it recommends attaching a computer to port 1; Might it be as simple as that? I've just looked up your model on MacTracker; it lists for 'Displays' 1 - Mini DisplayPort (VGA, DVI, or dual-link DVI with adapter). I'll have to research a bit, as it's not a native HDMI interface. (my 1st gen mini didn't do sound via its DVI-HDMI cable.) – Nevin Williams Apr 20 '13 at 5:44
Original post updated. – Nevin Williams Apr 20 '13 at 6:17

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