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Recently I have been working on a little project involving speech recognition in Windows, I used the Windows Speech Recognition software that comes pre-installed and also the Windows Speech Recognition Macros tool which allowed me to associate certain phrases with actions that would be automatically carried out. I have also included additional pre-recorded voice clips which were played while the action was carried out so it would appear that the computer is talking (little like JARVIS in Iron Man) :P.

For example if I said "open twitter" the macro would navigate to a shortcut of twitter.

Lately I have experienced some issues with my Windows on the computer running this speech recognition "system" causing the whole thing to malfunction. I want to put a linux-based system (either Ubuntu or Linux-Mint) on the computer.

Before I do so, I would like to know whether there is an open-source alternative which would allow me to do the same thing but on linux? I would be preferably looking for something rather easy to use as I am still a newbie when it comes to linux.

Could you please advise me on any programs that you know of and perhaps of ways that I could replicate my Speech Assistant?

Thank you. Jakub

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There are quite many alternatives on Linux. Most common of them are



Both are pretty easy to extend even for unexperienced user.

For more advanced speech recognition development you can check an open source speech recognition engine CMUSphin

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Thanks for your answer. I will give both of them a try. Would they support something in shape of described above MARCO's ? – Jakub Apr 20 '13 at 19:42
Yes, they both upport same them – Nikolay Shmyrev Apr 20 '13 at 20:30
Great thank you. – Jakub Apr 21 '13 at 8:26

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