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In Linux while editing text, I can move block up and down with ctr+up arrow, ctr+down arrow.

What is the OSX equivalent?

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I don't know what control+up does on other platforms, but if you (or other people searching for this question) mean scrolling a page up or down and moving the caret, you can use option+page up and option+page down. They don't work in web views or iWork applications though.

In TextMate you can make page up and page down move the caret by copying /Applications/ to ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/KeyBindings.dict and adding this:

"\UF72C" = pageUp:;
"\UF72D" = pageDown:;

If you mean moving the caret multiple lines up or down, you can create ~/Library/KeyBindings/ and save a property list like this as DefaultKeyBinding.dict:

    "^\UF700" = (moveUp:, moveUp:, moveUp:, moveUp:, moveUp:, moveUp:);
    "^\UF701" = (moveDown:, moveDown:, moveDown:, moveDown:, moveDown:, moveDown:);
    "^$\UF700" = (moveUpAndModifySelection:, moveUpAndModifySelection:, moveUpAndModifySelection:, moveUpAndModifySelection:, moveUpAndModifySelection:, moveUpAndModifySelection:);
    "^$\UF701" = (moveDownAndModifySelection:, moveDownAndModifySelection:, moveDownAndModifySelection:, moveDownAndModifySelection:, moveDownAndModifySelection:, moveDownAndModifySelection:);

Or if you mean swapping the selected lines with the line above or below:

"^\UF700" = (selectParagraph:, setMark:, deleteToMark:, moveBackward:, moveToBeginningOfParagraph:, setMark:, yank:, moveBackward:, selectToMark:);
"^\UF701" = (selectParagraph:, setMark:, deleteToMark:, moveToEndOfParagraph:, moveForward:, setMark:, yank:, moveBackward:, selectToMark:);    

See and

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