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I want new bar on my desktop screen (like Quick Access Bar) but unlike the Quick Access Bar where you add the shortcuts, I want a bar which focuses solely on the Desktop folder. The bar monitors the desktop folder and displays shortcuts to all the files inside it.

My questions:

  1. Does such a bar exist? (I tried research, but only found bars like Quick Access Bar)
  2. How can I design my own?


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Have you tried right-clicking the Taskbar and adding a new toolbar for the Desktop folder? – Karan Apr 20 '13 at 14:13

Right-click the Taskbar, select Tool Bar and then select Desktop.

enter image description here

If that doesn't already exist, select New Toolbar..., and then navigate to and select your Desktop folder.

Once done, the toolbar and it's expander should be visible on the Taskbar.

enter image description here

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Is it possible to change appearance of such toolbar to show an icon instead of the "Desktop" text as that example? I know it is possible to hide tile and text of that toolbar, but it will show the first item in the folder, generally a folder icon... I would like, for example, to put a logo, like the Windows flag on start menu... – kokbira May 2 at 13:00

I am already aware of the Create New Toolbar approach, but one thing I hate is expandable menus. Navigating with mouse with precision requires immense concentration and careful gestures - something I'm not too fond of.

So, using AutoHotkey Scripting, I have created my own toolbar which is readily accessible and displays the files nicely:

My toobar has these features:

  • On start, it asks to select a folder (if not already chosen from a previous launch)

  • The Toolbar location is at the top of the screen

  • It auto-hides - good feature as it doesn't take up your desktop workspace

  • Bar shows on by moving mouse to top-left screen corner

  • Bar has: Button to root folder, and

  • Next to it links, in a horizontal list, all the files in that folder

  • Right click on bar to Change folder

  • Toolbar updates the file list links as they change when deleted/added inside the folder (so it's always updated).



My Pictures

Thanks for the help anyway :)

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