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If I have some pages of text, I can use lpr -o sides=one-sided -o landscape -o number-up=4 -o number-up-layout=btlr -o fitplot -P myprinter to print the text 4-up landscape. The layout is

| 1    2 |
| 3    4 |

Now if I have a .pdf document generated via pdflatex from the code...

pagesize% has no influence on the problem

\usepackage[bottom=4mm, left=5mm, top=5mm, right=5mm]{geometry}

Page 1 \clearpage Page 2 \clearpage Page 3 \clearpage Page 4

... the printer prints it in portrait format like this:

| 2  4 |
|      |
| 1  3 | 

I am wondering what I can specify so that the printer knows it should rotate each of the four 'subpages' by 90 degrees?

Note that this has been asked previously on tex.stackexchange but it was recommended to ask it here since this most likely is not a problem of the way the .pdf is generated.

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I'd probably use pdfpages to set up a document as needed and print that. Have a look at pdfjam; maybe it does what you need. – Martin Schröder Apr 21 '13 at 13:19
Thanks, Martin, that does it. – Marius Hofert Apr 21 '13 at 14:13

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