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For Chrome OS 26.0.1410.57 on a Samsung Chromebook XE303C12, how would one generate and install an OS X style keyboard layout with compose.

OS X offers compose via Option (a dedicated compose, equivalent to alt gr) + Exemplary character + Destination Character. Ie Option Z, Z => Ž

For some keys, non-composing, further characters are offered by Option plus a keystroke generating a key; Option+Shift+- => m-dash ( — ).

I've become habituated to these keystrokes, and access to n-dash, m-dash and a couple of Central European keystrokes as an English language academic are trying in chrome os.

Basic searching indicates: 1) Chrome OS keyboard layouts aren't documented in user-facing documentation 2) You can't install new keyboard layouts without being in developer mode 3) There isn't a good n-dash or m-dash available in US Extended / US International for chrome OS.

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