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Simply put, I would like to have a shortcut on Windows which can open up a terminal window just like clicking the Cygwin shortcut normally does, but in a different location from the default.

The normal Cygwin shortcut is made up as follows:

D:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

This opens up in Cygwin's home directory, for me D:\cygwin\home\marc.

But how would I modify this shortcut so that it opens up in C:\Coding folder?

I've tried many variations and I've looked at the man page, but I just can't seem to get it to work, so any help would be great.

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As documented in the mintty wiki, you can create a shortcut with the target directory in the Start In field and the following command in the Destination field: C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe /bin/env CHERE_INVOKING=1 /bin/bash -l (change the path to mintty as needed).

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Superb, worked like a charm :) – Geesh_SO Apr 21 '13 at 16:57

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