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On the Wikipedia page and the official webpage, only Linux and Solaris are listed as possible platforms. The FreeBSD handbook mentions pppd, but it is used to refer to the kernel implementation in section Since it was removed in 8.x, I suppose it is better to do ppp from userland.

Is a daemon not required? Should I use /usr/sbin/ppp as a replacement? Is it always available?

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Another alternative would be mpd

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From the ppp(8) manual:

This is a user process PPP software package. Sometimes, PPP is implemented as a part of the kernel (e.g., as managed by pppd) and it is thus somewhat hard to debug and/or modify its behaviour. However, in this implementation PPP is done as a user process with the help of the tunnel device driver (tun).

It is part of the base system, so it is available by default. (Unless you've re-built the system from source and have specified in /etc/src.conf that you don't want ppp built.)

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