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I'm developing for Windows 8, and I have an SCL3711 NFC Card Reader.

Windows detects it's regular driver and has installed it seamlessly, but it doesn't see it as a proximity device. I need to connect my windows 8 laptop to my windows 8 developer phone but my phone is not being recognized as a proximity device. When I run a sample application the ProximityDevice.GetDefault() returns null. Do I have a missing driver perhaps or do I have the wrong hardware?

Any ideas on how I can connect my phone to my PC via NFC? All I need to do is send some text between the two devices - a sort of peer-to-peer connection but since my PC is not recognizing my phone I do not know how to send the data.

Edit: I have installed the NXP Near Field Proximity Provider and there is now a Proximity Device in the Device Manager. However I do not know how this can be connected to the phone.

Also, I have found this method which enables the phone to work in Card Emulation Mode. However there is no sample code which I can follow. Does anyone have any tips on how I can use it?

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