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I would like to run xterm with my Xresources.

I have the .Xresources file in the user folder to which I connect through VcXsrv and also in my local PC, inside program files/vcxsrv (both .Xdefaults and .Xresources with the same xterm formating definitions). I can't find the way to make VcXsrv to load this Xdefaults file that comes with the installation.

If I do xrdb -merge or xrdb -load inside the xterm, the next xterm that I start will be with the Xresources loaded. However I don't want to start with that default white background xterm and have it always in the back, but with the one for which I've put down the configuration in its folder and in my opinion should be loaded already.

Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas on how to load Xdefaults for the local Xserver?

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.Xdefaults are read by xapps (xterm, xclock, etc.) every time xapp starts. .Xresources are usually loaded once by xrdb during X server startup (i.e. startx script). More detailed description here

When you start xterm at a remote machine, it tries to read remote .Xdefaults file. Just put your resources there or link ln -s .Xresources .Xdefaults in your home dir.

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