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I am trying to use the command line utility Siege to load test a service. The service recieves json in the request body via a POST.

I have a file called example-data.json with the json inside.

I will eventually turn this into a tiny service which creates random json for testing, but this should do for now

I have another file called hit-qa.siege with POST < example-data.json

and i try and run

siege -c10 -d1 -r1 -f ops/perf/hammer-dev.siege

When I check the logs of the service, it is not recieving anything in the request body. My googles have been fruitless, does anyone know how to accomplish this?

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I had the same problem running Siege 3.0.1... and looks like it was caused by a bug (release notes).

After upgrading to Siege 3.0.5 it just started to send the JSON POST contents again.

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