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If, after starting system (freshly installed Linux Mint 13), I try to run:


it hangs up with "Connection timed out". but when I open the browser and enter there (or even run ping), SSH suddenly starts working.

The same happens with one program accessing it's API through HTTPS. I cannot use it until I access API through the browser. The same happens with RDP protocol. remmina/rdesktop don't work until I ping specific URL.

There are no iptable rules/firewalls on the computer/router. There is only NAT on the router, that's all. Might this be DNS related? What can i do to debug/fix this issue?

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A routing problem? What does netstat -rn show? – ott-- Apr 22 '13 at 20:01

Fixed by changing connection type to "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only" and specifying dns servers inside the connection. I suppose issue was with DNS or the router.

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