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I've got 5 partitions on my hard-disk and I've got two of them (side-by-side) which are essentially my movies and TV show collections. Since I ran out on space for the first drive, I used the second drive. However, I really just want to merge these two so that the total space becomes roughly 442GB (216GB + 226GB). I don't have enough of storage to back up these files somewhere else and I don't want to lose any data in the process. Could you help me here?

enter link description here

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Use Minitool partition wizard. It will allow you to achieve this.

It is pretty simple. If you cannot figure out how to do it, I can expand this answer.


Apparently, minitool wont let you merge partitions unless you purchase pro version.
I found a different software:

They have a tutorial for merging partitions. I will summarize the steps:
From the screenshot above, I think the partitions are adjecent on disk(unless you have manipulated the screenshot)

  1. Open the tool and select your partition E:
  2. Right click and select Merge Partition.
  3. Choose partition G:.
  4. Select the destination partition and click Ok and then Apply.
  5. This should merge your partitions

You can find the full tutorial here(they also have a video):

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please do so, preferably with screenshots. Makes it much more useful – Journeyman Geek Apr 23 '13 at 4:17
Yes, please expand the the answer - @tumchaaditya – Calvin Apr 23 '13 at 4:19

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