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I need to re-stream/mirror some HLS’s (HTTP Live Stream) using a Linux server.

From input

To output

I found several media servers but they lack of documentation. (like crtmpserver or next gen media server) But it doesn’t have to be a server solution, a how-to for ffmpeg or a PHP/Phyton script (if possible) would be great too.

Thank you in advance.

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you can try ffmpeg - it does have ffserver which allows to either prepare a local file for on-demand streaming, or you could also set the stream address as a source and re-broadcast it via ffserver - I did a few tests a couple of years ago - including mplayer, which I used to get the stream, re-encode via ffmpeg and push it to ffserver

My idea of "rebroadcast" was to provide a local, stream server on LAN, and have the clients connect locally, instead opening 10-20 connections to the remote and killing the WAN.

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You can do that easlily with VLC. Just stream the link using the GUI, and as soon as you could be able to do this, you can extract the command line and run it as command line on your server. Result will be something like this:

vlc :sout=#http{mux=ffmpeg{mux=flv},dst=:8080/music} :sout-keep

But, be sure to use GUI and replace the streaming code yourself to get it easy.

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