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if possible I want help with this strange error that happened.

I was configuring my awesome window manager, then I restarted it to apply the configurations that I made and my PC freezed. I rebooted and suddenly I couldn't startx anymore. For my luck I found an old cd of my linux mint and booted with it. The problem is, I did a backup of the rc.lua, and even after restoring it, I can't startx, so I think that the problem is something else. The Xorg.0.log is empty, I don't know why, and I already resintalled Xorg 1.13 and the catalyst drivers, and can't make it work yet. Just for note, I installed other wm`s too, Openbox and dwm, and the same thing happens

Here some infos.

My xinitrc is pretty simple


xsetroot -DMZ left_ptr

setxkbmap jp

exec awesome

Xorg 1.13 and the AMD proprietary drivers, I already tried with the mesa drivers, and doesn't work too.

Any help is appreciated, thanks for you attention reading it.(Sorry if I'm doing anything wrong, my first time posting here)

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It looks to me like you are putting yourself in an infinite initialisation loop. You are calling xinitrc from xinitrc.

Try commenting out the ~/.xinitrc line:


After that, it should work, but pay a visit here to see the Arch way of setting up .xinitrc

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