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There is a Ricoh MPC3001, which I'm using for printing. Today I tried to print five copies of some pages in a PDF, while also stapling them:

lp -n 5 -P 31-50 -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble -o StapleLocation=LeftW optilab.pdf


  1. Instead of five separate copies I got one copy; stapled once.
  2. The pages were printed like 31-31-31-31-31-32-32-32-32-32-33-33-33-33-33-...-50-50-50-50-50 instead of 31-32-33-...-50-31-32-33-...-50-.... I just figured out that -o Collate=True fixes this problem.

Needless to say that this was a total worthless printout as the pages where duplexed...

I ended up running five times lp. Is there another way to print five copies of the pages ? Available options are (none of them look like they are doing what I want):

$ lpoptions -l
OptionTray/Option Tray: NotInstalled LCT 1Cassette *2Cassette
LargeCapacityTray/Large Capacity Tray: *NotInstalled Installed
InnerTray2/Internal Tray 2: *NotInstalled Installed
ShiftTray/Internal Shift Tray: *NotInstalled Installed
ExternalTray/External Tray: *NotInstalled Installed
Finisher/Finisher: NotInstalled FinELBE *FinKING FinTIGRIS
RIPaperPolicy/Fit to Paper: *PromptUser NearestSizeAdjust NearestSizeNoAdjust
PageSize/Media Size: A3 *A4 A5 A6 B4 B5 B6 Legal GovernmentLG EngQuatro Letter Statement F Folio FanFoldGermanLegal Tabloid 12x18 11x15 10x14 Executive Env10 EnvMonarch EnvC5 EnvC6 DLEnv 8Kai 16Kai A3.FullBleed A4.FullBleed A5.FullBleed A6.FullBleed B4.FullBleed B5.FullBleed B6.FullBleed Legal.FullBleed GovernmentLG.FullBleed EngQuatro.FullBleed Letter.FullBleed Statement.FullBleed F.FullBleed Folio.FullBleed FanFoldGermanLegal.FullBleed Tabloid.FullBleed 12x18.FullBleed 11x15.FullBleed 10x14.FullBleed Executive.FullBleed Env10.FullBleed EnvMonarch.FullBleed EnvC5.FullBleed EnvC6.FullBleed DLEnv.FullBleed 8Kai.FullBleed 16Kai.FullBleed Custom.WIDTHxHEIGHT
InputSlot/Media Source: MultiTray 1Tray 2Tray 3Tray 4Tray 5Tray *Auto
Duplex/Duplex: None *DuplexNoTumble DuplexTumble
Resolution/Resolution: *600dpi 1200dpi
Collate/Collate: *False True
RIPrintMode/Print Mode: *0rhit 3rhit
Rimagesm/Image Smoothing: *Off On Auto 90ppi 150ppi 200ppi 300ppi
ColorModel/Color Mode: *CMYK Gray
RPSBitsPerPixel/Gradation: 2BitsPerPixel *1BitsPerPixel 4BitsPerPixel
RPSRGBcorrect/Color Setting: None DetailNormal *DetailBright
RPSColorRendDict/Color Profile: *Auto Photograph Business Colorimetric User Clpsimulation1 Clpsimulation2 ICMprocess
RPSColorUniversalDesign/Barrier-free Color Management: *False True
RPSDitherType/Dithering: *Auto Photo Letter User
RPSBlackMode/Gray Reproduction (Text/Line Art): *gray 1Color 4Color grayText 1ColorText
RPSBlackOverPrint/Black Over Print: *False True
RPSColorSep/Separate into CMYK: *None Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Red Green Blue KCyan KMagenta KYellow
Rcmyksimulation/CMYK Simulation Profile: *Off USOffsetPrint Euroscale JapanColor PANTONE
MediaType/Paper Type: Auto *Plain Recycled Special Special2 Special3 Colored Letterhead Preprinted Labels Bond Cardstock OHP Thick Thick2 Thick3 Thick4 Thin Middlethick Glossy Coated Envelope None
OutputBin/Destination: *Default Standard Bin1 Shift External FinELBEShift FinKINGUpper FinKINGShift FinTigUpper FinTigMiddle FinTigLower
StapleLocation/Staple: None UpperLeft *UpperRight LeftW RightW UpperW CenterW
RIPunch/Punch: *None Left2 Left3 Left4 Right2 Right3 Right4 Upper2 Upper3 Upper4
RIRotateBy180/Rotate by 180 degrees: *Off On
RIOrientOvr/Orientation Override: *Off Landscape Portrait
RIWatermark/Watermark: *Off On
RIWMText/Watermark Text: *Confidential Copy Copyright Final FileCopy Proof TopSecret
RIwmFont/Watermark Font: CourierB TimesB *HelveticaB
RIwmSize/Watermark Size: 24 *36 48 60 72
RIwmAngle/Watermark Angle: 180Deg 135Deg 90Deg *45Deg 0Deg M45Deg M90Deg M135Deg M180Deg
RIwmTextStyle/Watermark Style: *Gray Outline
JobType/JobType: *Normal SamplePrint LockedPrint DocServer
LockedPrintPassword/Locked Print Password (4-8 digits): *None 4001 4002 4003 Custom.PASSCODE
DocServerPassword/Document Server Password (4-8 digits): *None 3001 3002 3003 Custom.PASSCODE
UserCode/User Code (up to 8 digits): *None 1001 1002 1003 Custom.PASSCODE
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