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I use WinSCP to view a file system over FTP.

Most of the time, I only wish to view files on the file system - but I do occasionally need to modify or delete files.

Is there a setting in WinSCP (or any other common Windows FTP clients) that can let me choose whether to access an FTP file system with read-only or read-write permissions.

This will allow me to avoid any accidental changes to the FTP file system.

If I'm asking the question in the wrong way, apologies - I guess the most general phrasing is "how can I view an FTP file system without write permissions?" But I am pretty tied to WinSCP, so the ideal is a solution involving that.

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I'm not sure about read-only access, but if you're worried about accidental drag-and-drop (which I used to have a lot of trouble with), there's a setting in WinSCP that'll require confirmation of any drag-and-drop action. I regret that I no longer remember where to find it, and on this Linux box I'm unable to install WinSCP and find it, but it definitely exists, if that helps to know. – Aaron Miller Apr 23 '13 at 17:51
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WinSCP does not have setting like that.

In general, the best solution is to log in with account that has read access only.

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Fair enough. Thanks. – jlb83 Apr 24 '13 at 14:59

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