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I am planning to switch from Ubuntu to Windows 7 for my HTPC and later add an extra 3TB disk.

Can I install Windows 7 on a 3TB disk and later add a disk and upgrade it to 2x3TB software raid1 without reinstalling the entire PC?

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In theory: yes. Just create a RAID-1 array with one missing disk, then install the OS on it.

It will work fine (though it will complain about the array being in a degraded state).
Later you add the second disk.

I started with "In theory" because while I know this works on Linux/Ubuntu with mdadm, I have no idea how windows will handle that. Or if a hardware RAID controller will allow you to create a mirror with only one disk present. (Some brands/models will, some will refuse).

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I dont think Windows will let you do this... – Keltari Apr 23 '13 at 17:35
Depends on the software RAID. – Aaron Miller Apr 23 '13 at 17:49

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