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How do I set the default search direction in Word's Find and Replace from down to all? I really hate how "helpful" Word is by asking me constantly if I want to search the rest of the document.

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I believe I uncovered the answer while messing around with the dialog. At first I was going to post that the Find dialog appears to always open with All for me. See here:


As I was testing some alternatives I found the dialog opened with Down as a the selected option.


This appears to be tied to whether or not I had a word selected in the text. So when no word was selected I could open Find or Advanced Find and All would be the selected search direction. When I had a word selected the dialog or side bar would open with word as the search term and Down as the search direction.

You can easily change it from there but this appears to be MS trying to 'help' as you point out.

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Does this also apply to Find and Replace? –  CyberSkull Apr 23 '13 at 22:20

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