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When I change between workspaces in GNOME 3 (I use fallback mode) either by using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+arrow_key) or by clicking on the workspace icon in the taskbar, the window with focus is sometimes changed from its previous setting. As an example, I currently have focus on iceweasel (firefox) in Workspace 1. When changing to workspace 2, I set the focus to GNOME terminal. However, when navigating back to Workspace 1, the focus changes to another application (Gimp), and if I change back to Workspace 2, the focus changes to another application in that workspace (LibreOffice). This behavior is rather vexing because each time I change workspaces (Ctrl+Alt+arrow_key), I must additionally change the focused window (Alt+Tab) to restore focus to the window that possessed focus at the moment of departure from that workspace.

Is this a known bug? Or do certain applications greedily assume priority over others (e.g., Gimp over Firefox; LibreOffice over GNOME terminal)? Can this behavior be modified in some configuration file (i.e., can the user mandate that focus not be arbitrarily changed upon changing workspace)?

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