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Recently, when I connect my digital camera, the camera screen shows that it is connected to the computer, but nothing else happens. I have been downloading pictures previously with no problem.

How can I re-enable autoplay?

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Can you please provide us with OS information? What operating system are you using? – sammyg Apr 28 '14 at 20:29

You might have turned off AutoPlay by mistake for the camera.

  1. Connect the camera, then go to Control Panel and click on AutoPlay (if you don't find it use the search box).

  2. Scroll down till you see your camera listed under the Devices section.

  3. Select Ask me every time or other default action from the corresponding drop-down box:


  4. Click Save, disconnect the camera, reconnect and see if the AutoPlay dialog pops up.

For more help check out the AutoPlay FAQ.

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