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I'm using Bootcamp to sideload Windows (7 Pro) on MacBook Pro. Current windows partition has not enough free space. I've created a Windows system image using Backup and Restore. I wonder if can I delete current partition and create a new partition and restore the system image on it?

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It's unclear to me what utility you've used for the backup, and therefore how you'd do the restore. In principle, though, this approach will work. The big (and I mean BIG) caveat is this:


Apple's Boot Camp reconfigures the disk as a hybrid MBR, in which the normal Mac GUID Partition Table's (GPT's) protective MBR is modified to hold duplicate information on up to three GPT partitions. OS X uses the GPT partitions directly, whereas Windows reads the MBR partitions and ignores the GPT data. Thus, if you use a Windows partitioning tool, you'll modify the MBR data but not the GPT data. This mis-matched GPT and MBR partition data will almost certainly result in serious damage to one or more partitions. (Some third-party Windows tools know enough to avoid this disastrous consequence, but the standard tools delivered with Windows will trash a hybrid MBR disk.)

Instead, you should delete, resize, and create new partitions using GPT-aware tools such as Apple's Disk Utility or the GParted tool in Linux. (In fact, GParted may be able to resize your existing partitions, which may be easier than a backup-and-restore operation -- but resizing is risky enough that backing up any partition you resize is advisable.) After making these changes, you may need to re-create your hybrid MBR using a tool such as gptsync (which comes with rEFIt) or GPT fdisk (gdisk).

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