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i have win 8 installed on my computer, using pppoe connection with ipv6 disabled. but when i check on "resmon" i saw there is netsvc sending stream to 808:808::3821:ae83:100:20 address. i try to disabled in firewall,netstatagent software or anything, but it just keep sending.

so what is that 808:808::3821:ae83:100:20 anyway ? am i being hacked ? note: i am not opening any program yet at that moment


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That's a bogon, an IP address that has not been assigned (or has a special use) and should never appear anywhere on the Internet.

Without knowing more about what the process is that's sending to/from it, it's impossible to say whether you've been "hacked" or not, but certainly something inappropriate is going on.

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i think it control my pc, what i saw, and what i am downloading also files are changed. And what the most danger is it is no a static ip, can always changed, i try to blocked a dozen until now. since that, they change again into ip address looks like this when i see in resmon. Gezzz. i think internet is not safe anymore for everyone – secretsociety Apr 29 '13 at 1:47
Also i think the thing already infect the kernel, no matter what process i start, it can always change the process to send the stream, when i start firefox, it send to other stream same like that. here are the lists:a08:f0f::aca0:1f84:100:e0 <> a08:f0f::6833:985:100:e0 <> a08:f0f:5f00:5400:2010:a383:100:e0 <> a08:1104:7400:6200:2010:a383:100:e0 <> a08:1104:7400:6200:6900:6f00:7300:5300 <> a08:f0f::6833:985:100:e0 <> a08:f0f::aca0:1f84:100:e0 – secretsociety Apr 29 '13 at 1:53

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