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I need to set the local time on my Windows XP machine to same as the time in my server which is Windows 2003 server. Is there a command to set that in command prompt?

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From net help time:


[\\computername | /DOMAIN[:domainname] | /RTSDOMAIN[:domainname]] [/SET]

NET TIME synchronizes the computer's clock with that of another computer or domain, or displays the time for a computer or domain. When used without options on a Windows Server domain, it displays the current date and time at the computer designated as the time server for the domain.

\\computername — Is the name of the computer you want to check or synchronize with.

/DOMAIN[:domainname] — Specifies to synchronize the time from the Primary Domain Controller of domainname.

/RTSDOMAIN[:domainname] — Specifies to synchronize with a Reliable Time Server from domainname.

/SET — Synchronizes the computer's time with the time on the specified computer or domain.

(Sorry, it's from Windows 7, but the general workings and options are the same for XP.)

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If you want a permanent solution, you should set up a time server on the server.

See this link.

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