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My ISP offers TV on tablets, phones, etc. where I have to use an app, but I still have to have that traffic flow through my modem. What would be the best solution to setting up a VPN for probably just me to watch live TV from anywhere? I have an android phone, but my sister has an iPhone and I have an iPod. Cell phone data usage isn't a problem here, it's more setting up a server with the best solution to watch. I say it's only going to be me because I only have a 2 mbps upload. I might have forgotten something... busy sorting out an issue with YouTube videos not loading. I have OpenVPN for Android on my phone so using HTTPS might work. I'm also looking to put together a server that works as a linux based firewall with iptable rules, is it wise to include it in this box?

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For your situation I would recommend PFSense, because you didn't mention anything about having a firewall in place, and I would definitely put a firewall in place of anything at my house. Also, PFSense has OpenVPN built in, so that is also a plus. It's also free. Other solutions may work also, PFSense is not the only one, but I've had good experiences with it.

You don't necessarily need https as the VPN traffic is already encrypted.

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I have a question, is there anyway I can use a FiOS connection strictly for vpn because of the upload over the 2 mbps I have now and 10 mbps the highest my isp offers. I want to connect the fios from the ont to a vpn server with ethernet, then out to the lan (on a different nic) to be routed out through my current isp. I assume I need a l3 switch and route all traffic on the lan to it, including the lan connection of the vpn server. Can openvpn do this alone or openvpn and iptables? Might say just use FiOS but my family is used to current tv, plus I like the tv app. (How this all started) – L37H3L May 9 '13 at 23:51
@L37H3L it would be best to ask this question separately on serverfault, but the simple answer is yes, you can use the incoming connection strictly as a vpn if you want. – BigHomie May 10 '13 at 2:26

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