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I installed a netinst of Debian 6, xorg, lxde and lxterminal.

When I press Ctrl+Shift+T in the terminal, I get a new tab as expected, but the new tab also displays ^T before the prompt. The same for Ctrl+Shift+C, it copies the selected text to clipboard, but also sends the key combination to the console.

Why? How do I make the terminal respond to commands without sending them to the console?

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See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxterminal/+bug/1080116

In short, I had the same problem and so went to the code and fixed it. LXTerminal is an hack, it is a shame that such software is considered a terminal.

You need to fix the code yourself, or I suggest you abandon LXDE and use a decent terminal under GNOME or KDE, for example.

I am abandoning LXDE for the same reason, it is a regression on all aspects.

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