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I need to replace something like this:

userPassword: {SSHA}hLPcGtsS+sUhwlYq/23dsECuRGsvJj59OQXXJQ==

with something like this:


I have tried some random stuff I've found, but no luck. What would the code be with regexp?

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To match the last 40 characters of a line you would use the regex:


This means: "Match any character 40 times followed by end of line".

If you're interested in replacing the entire line you would use the regex


and a Replacement text of

first part:\1 second part:\2

would change your example text to

first part:userPassword:  second part:{SSHA}hLPcGtsS+sUhwlYq/23dsECuRGsvJj59OQXXJQ==

The brackets create a capture group and notepad++ replaces \n with the nth capture group.

Alternatevly, for your particular example (depends on what the other lines look like) you could use a pattern of


Which simply matches all lines starting with "userPassword:".

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Can you add some explanation of why this answers the question. – ChrisF Apr 24 '13 at 22:03
You sir rock, thank you! I ended up just using the ^(userPassword:).*$ the other method confused me a bit. – Anthony Apr 25 '13 at 14:51

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