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I'm running an application that is outputing lines, piping to GREP to select only specific lines, but want to remove the first X characters which are worthless.


varnishlog | grep Hash

Produces for example

   34 Hash         c /address
   41 Hash         c /addresss?xml=1&

I want the last part after the "c" in order to record these in a file.

Which command do I pipe to.

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awk works, but I think cut is simpler for this task, e.g.

$ varnishlog | grep Hash | cut -b 23-

-b specifies bytes, and 23- says keep the 23rd byte to the end of the line.

You could also use -c, which is characters instead of bytes (in this case characters == bytes)

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I did some research and came up with the following using AWK:

$ varnishlog | grep Hash | awk {'print substr($0,23)}'

This filters out the first 23 characters and leaves the part that I want.

If anyone has a better answer please post.

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