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I need to make a bootable Norton Ghost disk (CD/DVD - this old PC won't boot from USB keys! And that is what I usually use.). What would be the quickest/easiest way?

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BartPE is a pretty good tool because it's a live Windows CD that you make from your own Windows installation, and it can be loaded up with a pretty good select of plugins such as Symantec's Ghost program might be a good choice for. You do have to build it though, it's not a pre-built item.

Good luck on your search.

With WinToFlash you can easily deploy your BartPE CD onto a bootable USB stick.

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+1 BartPE is the way to go. – Molly7244 Nov 13 '09 at 17:56

Instead of using Ghost, you could use a FOSS alternative such as Clonezilla, g4l, a freeware backup application like the free version of Macrium Reflect, or something like Acronis - which while payware, is really easy, and comes with a bootable backup/restore disk. There's a huge load of applications that'll do what you want, if you're willing to look.

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The quickest and easiest way would be to download an ISO image from the Internet and burn it to a CD. There are many good ISO images to choose from that have Ghost. There are tools collections such as BartPE (mentioned in another answer).

In order to make a Ghost boot disk, I think it is the legitimate way. You have to install the Windows version of Ghost and in the program there is an option to create boot disks.

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