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I recently purchased a Mac Mini running OS X v10.8 (Mountain Lion), which is intended to be a HTPC, but also function as a family computer. One of the goals was to use Rosetta Stone, and then use my Bluetooth headset (a Dell BH200) as the microphone. I will use the normal HDMI for audio output, I just need the wireless microphone functionality.

I can pair the headset just fine with an iPhone, an iPad, or Linux.

When I pair the headset with OS X, first when putting the device into discoverable mode OS X sees it and then says it has paired successfully. It shows up under Bluetooth devices. But the device itself never leaves discoverable mode (like it failed to actually be discovered). A bunch of static then starts coming over the speaker whenever I use any of the controls to force it to leave discoverable mode.

The same behavior is replicated on my MacBook Pro running OS X v10.7 (Lion).

The last weird thing is when I go into Bluetooth devices in either Lion or Mountain Lion and attempt to make any changes to tweak the "connected" devices settings, the applet craps out and becomes completely unresponsive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - I have seen the issue elsewhere online and have posted about it before.

Other examples:

No one seems to have any ideas.

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