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I have a spreadsheet with 15 columns and about 16,000 rows of data. The first five columns show revenue for the past five years, the remaining columns contain account contact information. I only need to keep accounts that have had some kind of revenue within the last five years; the rest I can delete. I'm trying to find a way to easily identify or group the rows that have all five revenue columns empty. Is there a filter I can apply? A sorting method? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Is there some reason you can't just use the generic filters? Data > sort & filter > filter – James Jenkins Apr 25 '13 at 15:48

Think you just want something like the following.

1) Create a column against each row with this formula:


Obviously, if your data actually has zeros then the formula would need to be different

2) Filter to this on "DELETE" and then choose to delete rows - will only delete the ones in view

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