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I'm having one great challenge according to create a batch file. Here is my situation I'm having folder full of folders and files(note all the files are in ".apf" extension). I want to create a empty file with ".event" extension in each and every folder where the folder name and if one of the file name is same. The created ".event" extension file should be same as the folder name and file name where as same. Thanks in advance pls help me.

Example: "apple"->folder name "orange.abf","pineapple.abf","apple.abf" -> file names inside apple folder

I've to check the folder name and file name where they are same. If same name found then I have create a empty file in the same name with ".event" as a extension.

As I found apple as a same name in folder name and also file name I have to create a empty file as "apple.event"

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Question is answered already here –  Endoro Apr 26 '13 at 5:06
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