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I want my trackpad's mouse speed to be the second notch up in the settings, like this:

trackpad speed

I have an actual mouse whose speed I want to be all the way up in the settings, like this:

mouse speed

My USB dongle for the mouse is always plugged in. It's a lenovo laptop with the built-in mousepad software that comes with it.

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@JamesScholes It appears (unless I'm misreading something) that both of those programs will bug you about paying them unless you buy a key. Personally, I hate programs like that (I personally never put that stuff in mine) and was wondering if you knew of any programs that don't do that? –  Chipperyman Apr 25 '13 at 17:23
It's mentioned in the article that Autosensitivity doesn't nag you, but it is .NET-based so you take the rough with the smooth :) –  James Scholes Apr 25 '13 at 17:31

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You can install a separate driver software for your trackpad such as Synaptics. You can change the sensitivity of your trackpad through which you can gain the control of pointer speed. I hope that would solve your problem.

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A potential avenue to solve your problem is that some mice, like several --but not necessarily all-- Logitech, for example my G500, have their own independent (eg. dpi settings in gaming mouses) or semi-independent (appears to be an offset or acceleration added to the basic windows speed in regular mouses) speed control in their custom driver.

In a way, such a mouse would solve your problem: the touchpad would use the windows setting, and the mouse with a custom driver would work with different settings.

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