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I have an Acer Iconic tablet running Windows 8. Initially there was no password requirement on the welcome screen. I've never needed a password right through my history of PC use from Windows 3.11 (c.1994). However, I succumbed and opened a Microsoft Account. Thereafter I've had to enter a password every time I start or restart the machine. I don't need and don't want a password as I won't be buying any apps or services from Microsoft. I tried to follow their text Help to reverse things but couldn't work out what to click, tick or tap! I then went to MS online help chat. The person was very helpful but in doing what she suggested we were disconnected and I can't get back to her. Surely there must be some easy way to undo the p/w requirement with a few swipes, taps, clicks or key presses.

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Two separate issues here:

  1. You don't need to use a MS account to login into Windows 8. You can use a standard Windows account. Microsoft has a guide here to setting up a standard account.

  2. To automatically login follow the steps from this guide or others on the web.

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