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Today i spill coke over my modem and router, and only the modem survived.

I have one of these wifi adapters (alfa awus036h), I was wondering if I could setup something temporarily to provide wifi internet to my laptop and other devices until I get a new router.

i was thinking maybe I could setup an ad-hoc network with the adapter and then share the internet connection which btw, the modem is connected directly to my main PC ethernet card.

Does someone has any idea how to do this? I am using Linux (Ubuntu 12.04.2)

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Your router survived so you want to replace it with your PC??? –  AthomSfere Apr 26 '13 at 1:47
Sorry only the modem survived not the router, the router died, it just keep all the lights on and doesn't respond to resets or anything. So I want to know if I could setup some sort of wireless network with that wifi adapter and then share the internet connection that I use on my main pc that comes from the modem connected to the ethernet card. –  peterfra Apr 26 '13 at 1:51

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It is possible, but I would only do it short term, your performance through a PC, especially through USB will not be very good for throughput (The max data of USB 2 is no where near most modern broadband connections).

this is for Ubuntu 10.4 I believe...

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