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I have purchased domain name from godaddy and web space from hostgator. So how can i configure my domain name to hostgator ?

Superuser help me to get best answer from stack exchange community.

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1) Log into your cPanel, scroll all the way down, and in the bottom left, you'll see "Account Information' - under that look at 'Name Servers' and you'll have two listed there... e.g ns1234.hostgator.com and ns1235.hostgator.com.

2) Log into Godaddy, on the top left, click "My Account" - Launch your domain manager. In there click on the domain you purchased. Near the bottom left you'll see 'Name Servers' and under that a link that says 'Set Nameservers'. Check "I have specific nameservers" - and put in the two name servers you found in step 1, click 'OK.'

NOTE: this process could take anywhere from 2-48 hours to propagate.

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