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I need to find out the version of particular installation ( this one ) of Microsoft Outlook Web Access only with normal user privileges.

I also know that the server has the following services:

25/tcp  open  smtp
80/tcp  open  http
443/tcp open  https
993/tcp open  imaps
995/tcp open  pop3s

It is possible? If so, how?

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Is there any valid reason for this other than hacking? – Brad Patton Apr 26 '13 at 14:14
Yes, I want to compare this version with the new one in a formal email, I need the version to get all the (pre-historical) features against the new version. Hopefully I can convince the "bosses" to upgrade this. – RSFalcon7 Apr 26 '13 at 14:34
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You can get Microsoft's internal version number from the OWA web UI's About page.

Then compare to the chart here:

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If you telnet into the SMTP Port (25) you will get the following server banner:

Version: 6.0.3790.4675 this equals to exchange 2000 (version number list here:

/edit: correcting myself: The version does not point to a native exchange - it could very well be a Small Business Server 2000

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