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Is there a way to configure vim to enable 'modeline' (and by extension, setting 'modelines' to be non-zero), but restricting the parsing capability of modelines in files?

I want to enable setting of tabstops, softtabstops, and filetype in files, while keeping modelines otherwise disabled (for security cosiderations).

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You can use the vim plugin securemodelines : Secure, user-configurable modeline support to whitelist allowed commands in modelines. Note that the version on vim.org is 5 years old, the latest version of the plugin on github has some minor tweaks.

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Thanks. This has exactly the features I was looking for. I had to learn about using vim plugins, which led me to the amazing Pathogen, which was followed by the even more amazing Vundle). –  scottbb Apr 27 '13 at 20:50

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