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We use a flash card on our MySQL server. After a reboot, there is a dead directory entry in the flash card mount; rm -rf export-20130413-013547 returns the error rm: cannot lstat 'export-20130413-013547': Invalid argument.

Below is my ls -lrt output.

?--------- ? ?    ?         ?            ? export-20130413-013547
drwx------ 2 root root 143360 Apr 13 17:10 export-20130413-154729

Plus, when I want to see its inode by ls -i, the directory's inode is 0.

0 export-20130413-013547
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did you try fsck? – mata Apr 13 '13 at 17:22

This is an orphaned directory entry. I don't know what file system the flash card uses (is it vfat?), but fsck may help, as may just unlinking it without bothering with stat - rm -rf will first try to figure out whether you're seleting a directory, and even a normal rm will try to do clever things. /usr/bin/unlink export-20130413-013547 (part of coreutils) will do that for you.

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