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I want to backup my home folder using dump but I have some trouble. If I try to use the -u option , I get this message:

 DUMP: You can't update the dumpdates file when dumping a subdirectory 

So I remove the -u option and I make an level 0 dump. But if I try to do a level 1 backupI get this error:

DUMP: Only level 0 dumps are allowed on a subdirectory  

What can I do? If I can only do level 0 dumps with dump, it's useless for me.
Is there an alternative?
Thanks in advance

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Use rsnapshot, obnam, duplicity, or rdiff-backup to create backups.

Don't use dump – it works by reading the disk directly and parsing the filesystem itself; it's just not going to work with subdirectories, nor with filesystems other than ext3.

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