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When compiling a solution, Visual Studio 2010 displays the output window every time, sometimes multiple times. This is annoying.

How to stop it?

An exact same question was already asked on Stack Overflow, but it doesn't help, since in my case, the Show Output Window when Build Starts option is already unchecked.

Some details which might be relevant:

  • I have StyleCop installed (but not enabled on build).

  • The build doesn't generate errors nor warnings.

  • Code contracts are installed and enabled, but static analysis is happening as usual on background and the results are populated a few seconds/minutes after the build is done.

  • The only extensions I have are: AnkhSVN, Code Contracts Tools, JavaScript-related extensions from Microsoft, NuGet Package Manager and Productivity Power Tools.

  • The version is Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate SP1.

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Verify if Code analysis is enabled or disabled and update your question –  Ramhound Apr 27 '13 at 23:06
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