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I created a square in Inkscape, set red fill color to it but no stroke and exported as EMF file.

enter image description here

I open Powerpoint (2013), inserted the EMF file to a blank page, right click the inserted picture and chose Edit Picture. After that, the square had a border around it.

enter image description here

But when I created the square in Inkscape, I set it to have no border. Is it possible to preserve shape properties of the inserted EMF file into Powerpoint (for example, when I create a square with no border, I want it to have no border too when I click on Edit Picture in Powerpoint)?

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Old question, but for future help...

When using Enhanced MetaFiles in PowerPoint:

  • Insert -> Picture -> Select your .emf file and click ok
  • Right click the image and go to Group -> Ungroup
  • It will ask you if you want to convert it to a MS drawing object. Click YES.
  • At this point the shape/image will have a thin outline. Right click again on the image and select again Group -> Ungroup.
  • Select your elements and go to Format -> Shape Outline -> No fill

(When you ungroup your .emf images there will always be an empty/no fill element behind. Make sure to select and delete it.)

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