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We have some issue in connecting the server via Remote Desktop Connection. It is not at all connecting

As the server got low memory space in c drive we are unable to connect.

I would like to know is there any way, we connect the Server using IP address and goto C drive and delete unwanted files?

I have only IP address and do not aware of where the server is located physically. Any command prompt utility can help us for this?

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Is there another computer you can RDP into which is on the same network as the server? – Dave Apr 30 '13 at 9:44
@DaveRook, Yes I can able to connect with other system in the same network. But this server is simply showing connecting.... message for long time. – Murali Murugesan Apr 30 '13 at 9:46

Why use RDP at all? If all you are trying to do is clean the C: drive, you can connect directly to the drive through Windows File Explorer. Open a File Explorer and type \\localhost\c$ in the address bar. Replace localhost with the machine's name or IP address. I am assuming you have administrator access, since you are able to RDP to the machine and have access to the C: drive.

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If you have an administrative account, you can browse to \IP\c$ and get to the Admin share of the C drive.

You could also connect with WMI and list / remove files by script, but I don't know any program that will present it neatly. DameWare Remote Support free trial might.

If you can install some things, but RDP is broken, then PSExec from SysInternals will let you run a command prompt on a remote computer. It does need Admin rights, and to push a small service file though.

GenControl will push-install a small VNC server which sometimes works if RDP won't. Authenticate by browsing to \IP\ipc$ and entering a username/password first, then try to connect with Gen Control.

These often help me - it depends how much access you have (permissions and firewall open ports/allowed kinds of connections), how much disk space there is, and precisely what is broken.

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