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I recently installed cloud9 on my server to provide a platform for collaborative text writing and tried to install the latex plugin following the instructions in README:

This plugin introduces LaTeX compilation to the Cloud9 IDE


Checkout the Cloud9 repository from https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9. From the Cloud9 directory, run

   git submodule add git@github.com:jpallen/cloud9-latex-plugin.git client/ext/latex

You also need to add "ext/latex/compile" to the Ide.DEFAULT_PLUGINS list in server/cloud9/ide.js, or otherwise manually enable the plugin.

I was able to add the git submodule but the configuration file ide.js doesn't exist in server/cloud9.

I found the following files:

  • plugins-client/cloud9.core/www/core/ide.js
  • plugins-server/cloud9.core/ide.js

But both do not contain "Ide.DEFAULT_PLUGINS".

Does anyone have succesfully installed this plugin and can tell me how to do it?

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