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I am using a German keyboard with US, International layout. At the beginning, when I start my PC, all umlaut combinations for ä (ALT GR+q), ü (ALT GR+z) and ö (ALT GR+p) are working perfectly fine.

But after a while (no specific point, just random) only the combination for ö stops working, I just can't use it anymore. I don't even know how to start researching this one.

However, ALT GR+SHIFT+p for Ö works like intended.

This is getting annoying for me, since the German language requires to use an ö quite often.

Does anybody know how to fix or research this?

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In windows 7 there are 2 German keyboard layouts (Luxembourg & Liechtenstein...I don't know the difference...), have you tried using the other layout? –  Ben Plont Apr 30 '13 at 23:50
@Ben Thanks for your reply. I am using US International layout because it's much more easier for special characters used in programming. The German layouts won't cut it. –  Dan Lee May 1 '13 at 8:36

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