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Last time I met some problems with my hard drive. I found the Repair your computer mode, you know, when you press F8 and you have admin rights, you can enter terminal with SYSTEM rights. So I can copy all my data to USB, and be very happy... (Yay!!)

But I kept in mind, that to use it on "broken" computers, I need to install Windows (to long, useless, unavailable) or use Windows from USB (to slow, low quality, not 100% sure about working).

So I thought, maybe... there is small chance there exists Disk Operating System with tools some basic tools such as (a)browser, (b)partition manager, (c)terminal, (d)editor

a = Not very advanced. I just need for example to download drivers from website if these on computer doesn't work, and need to be reinstalled.
b = Just basic partition manager. Same as bcdedit.exe in Windows or atleast most same.
c = Terminal, that can move files, delete them, create them... almost like or cmd.exe. Just to manage all crap on the disc.
d = I do not mean specific one. Just to read or edit txt, bat, ini, inf etc. files.

Oh I almost forgot! I would be really happy, if "this" would work on newest operating systems, and could work quite fast.

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You are looking for a Live CD:

A live CD, live DVD, or live disc is a complete bootable computer operating system which runs in the computer's memory, rather than loading from the hard disk drive. It allows users to experience and evaluate an operating system without installing it or making any changes to the existing operating system on the computer. Live CDs are unique because they can run on a computer lacking secondary storage, such as a hard disk drive, or with a corrupted hard disk drive or file system, allowing users to rescue data.

There are tons of ones out there. Here is a list of linux based ones and there is a DOS based one called Doscore.

There is also a list on wikipedia.

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