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I am trying to run a series of jobs submitted to the cluster, one after the other, by suplpying the following .sh script: :


job=`qsub 0`
for i in {1..3}
    job_next=`qsub -hold_jid $job $i`

The first job (before entering the loop) is executed, but the next ones are never started.

I think the script is well written. I change the mode to an executable and run it as

nohup ./ (I think this is necessary?) ... but the rest is never done.

I tried -W before, using -W depend=afterok:$job in place of -hold_jid $job


    job=`qsub 0`
    for i in {1..3}
        job_next=`qsub -W depend=afterok:$job $i`

But it returned unknown option -W.

What could be going wrong? :(

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The ouput of qsub has the jobid inside a message text. In my case:

$ qsub
Your job 8845476 ("") has been submitted

You should extract the jobid from this message. E.g:

$ jobid=$(qsub | cut -d' ' -f3)
$ echo $jobid

Maybe your qsub version, has a different message, try it out separatly and then put a cut to get the jobid as a string.

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thank you, @zhen! – Carmen Sandoval May 1 '13 at 23:17

For anyone who stumbles across this years later:

I would use an array job for that to avoid writing a shell script. You need something like $SGE_TASK_ID and need to submit with qsub -t 1-3 -tc 1

This creates an array of 3 jobs, numbered 1, 2 and 3, which run one at a time (-tc 1). You no longer need to worry about hold_jid.

SGE_TASK_ID is where the integer id of the current job is held. This is what you pass to your code (equivalent of i in your loop).

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