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I have two identical computers (same mobo, memory, and peripherals) both running Ubuntu 12.10. The only difference is one has an Intel Core i7-3770K and the other has an Intel Core i7-3770S. I have also double checked that both computers have the exact same bios settings (minus cpu voltage levels).

Here is the problem: On reboot (via the OS or by pressing "reset" button), the computer with the 3770K does a full power cycle before booting up again. The computer with the 3770S stays powered on during reboot.

I desire to have both computers perform a full power cycle on reboot.

My Questions: 1) What causes a computer to power cycle / not power cycle during reboot. 2) What could potentially be the difference between my two set-ups that causes this?

Things I have tried:

  1. Switching HDs between the computers does not produce different results. The behavior seems to follow the CPU/mobo hardware around, not the OS.
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My guess would be it's in your power supply. Swap them out and see if it follows it. – kmort Apr 30 '13 at 19:38
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I would be curious as to your CPU settings in the BIOS. I had a high-end Asus motherboard which would soft-reboot without a full power cycle using the stock CPU speeds. However, if you enabled overclocking and overclocked the CPU, then it would always do a full power cycle when restarting (I presumed it was a safety precaution).

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