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How do I Export and Import specific Window Firewall rule (both Inbound and Outbound) ?

I can do Import / Export policy but it will use ALL rules not specific rule. Same with Export List, it can export all list of rules of Inbound or Outbound in plain CSV file but it is not helpful because no way to import it back.

I looked at netsh firewall and netsh advfirewall firewall too but they too don't seem to have option to export / import individual rule.

I am just wondering if it is even possible to archive this. I am using Windows 7 Professional

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Go to the following key from Windows Registry and export it to a *.reg file:


Edit the file in any text editor and remove the entries you don't want. Or you can go to WFwAS, delete any other rules and keep only the ones you want. Then do the step described above. You won't need to edit the reg file as it already contains only what you want.

Import the reg file on the computer you need and you will add only your selected rules. That's all.

Or you can try Windows Firewall Control which has a feature that does this thing.
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