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I would like to use vim/gvim as tool for mail managent and I found these 2 interesting pages.



I understood that these suffer from the following limitations

  1. with vmail you can see and manager all past mails, but it works only with GMAIL accounts, not any other mail account like the outkook ones.

  2. with claws you can use vim/gvim just as an editor for mails you want to create; I am not sure whether that is possible to read past mails (staying in the same vim environment) or search them.

Do you know a good plugin that allow vim to do everything you would do with any mail client? That would include search past mails, sort them and view them, label

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Try Emacs. Vim is a text editor, not a development platform or an OS. –  romainl Apr 30 '13 at 17:27

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Vim is a text editor; it can handle the part of editing emails very well, and it ships with the mail filetype, which provides some syntax highlighting and special settings.

There are various ways to integrate Vim with email applications; terminal-based tools like mutt can be configured to use an external editor, and there are add-ons like External Editor for the popular Thunderbird email client, to name just a few.

I don't see how Vim would help with managing email; all its functions are meant for processing text, not email-like structures. You could probably write some kind of toolset that persists emails as individual files, and then integrate search with Vim through a custom 'grepprg', but I honestly don't see the benefit.

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